If you need Video Animation to explain your product, service or software, our creative team can help you produce it. We have created more than 1,200 promotional videos for different brands nationally and internationally.


Advantages of Video Animation

Video Animation allows you to explain things easily, convey important information in a visually pleasing and attractive way to your consumers. The themes and options for Video Animation are unlimited since you can create any object or scenario to transmit your promotional, institutional, training, induction or tutorial messages without the need to make video production on location.

Because of their colorful design, animated videos attract the attention of viewers and keep their interest while the video is playing. The message you wish to convey will remain in the memory of the people who saw it. Another important point is that it is easier for them to become viral videos when shared on social networks, allowing them to increase brand recognition.

What process do we follow in the Video Animation?

1. Listen to your idea
Online or face-to-face meeting and talk about your project

2. References
Visual and audio works that you like for their style, format, and result

3. Brainstorming
We write down the ideas and the message that the video wants to convey

4. Proposal
Mood Board and Storyboard

5. Development
Production of the audiovisual piece

6. Delivery
Publication & Release


Explain your story with Video Animation

Video Animation allows you to tell a story in a different format and where there is no real recording but rather the whole plot is developed by animating characters, scenarios and moving texts. Video Animation allows capturing the attention of the spectator in a much more dynamic and powerful way since it is a nice and pleasant format. The final work must be based on creativity to differentiate itself from the competition and get the attention of more potential buyers and the loyalty of its customers that strengthen the message.


2D or 3D animation in your video

Video Animation that is easy to understand and 100% customizable.

1- Problem: We can start with a story where the character has the same problem as the audience so they will have the same emotions as the protagonist and will want to know how he has solved it.

2- Solution: Propose a solution to the problem with your product-service. Explaining how the idea came from or where it comes from helps the audience understand that you have found the solution.

3- How it works: It is the fundamental part. Explain the operation of your product-service and, above all, the advantages it has over the competition.

4- Conclusion: Wrap it all up. He reiterates that you have solved the problem and offers a call to action (visit the web, go directly to the application, a subscription, a purchase)


Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to the production of Video Animation for companies. We are offering a variety of audiovisual services to help companies and businesses promote their products or services.