On more than one occasion we have had the need to publicize content, explain a project or impress a client through an attractive presentation. They come to mind: screens, texts, photos, animations, sounds and videos, that is, all the elements of multimedia presentation.
The concept refers to any system that mixes physical or digital media in order to present information, explain multimedia presentation content or ideas. If in addition to this, the recipient of the message has the possibility of handling the tool and maintaining control over when and what he wants to see, then we talk about an interactive multimedia presentation.


Multimedia Presentation Inform, Explain & Impress

Interactive multimedia presentation is offered in web pages, DVD, CD-ROM, USB memory, etc. We make multimedia presentation in video or interactive format to insert on a web page, on a CD, on a DVD or on a USB stick in order to present your company, product or service in an impactful and effective way.

The audiovisual format is increasingly present in the different media and communication channels of companies. It is used to disseminate information both in internal training platforms and in product presentations, in viral campaigns through email, YouTube, etc.

The corporate video has become an essential tool for business marketing. You can make use of this corporate multimedia presentation for marketing reasons. You can put this presentation on web pages or channels like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


Illustrators in Multimedia Projects

In our design studio, we have an illustration agency and a large group of illustrators who can contribute to audiovisual productions that we make a differentiating and original note.


Illustration or Live Painting for Speech Support at Conferences & Events

It is very impressive and enjoyable to support the essence or fundamental concept of a speech, lecture or presentation through live painting or illustrations. Rich Media Formats Creating Audiovisual Content for Web Pages. A good audiovisual content enriches the quality of the content of our website, ensuring that visitors stay longer on our site, that visitors better retain the information we present and that the assessment made of our website and by extension of our company or services be much better. We can create multimedia .presentation with quality and relevant adapted to the profile of visitors to your web pages.


Recording & Video Editing Resources

Depending on the needs of each project and client, we carry out one type or another of audiovisual, from the soberest and institutional to the most innovative and impressive with innovative graphic effects and resources, virtual 3D animations. Etc.

Thanks to our collaborators, audiovisual producers and professionals in the sector, we have technical resources to record with various cameras, sets, lighting, actors, professional speakers, etc.


Why Choose Us?

We have experience in preparing all types of multimedia presentation. We have designed applications that integrate texts, photographs, and moving images and also presentations that allow you to navigate through documents. They are attractive and impressive formats. If you want multimedia presentation for your company, university or any other purpose, feel free to contact us.