3D Animation

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The eye catches what moves. That is why in Orange we create 3D and 2D computer animations for you - for use in presentations, on websites and in other sales and marketing materials. They focus attention much better than static images. Creating animations, we follow the principles of motion graphic design. This means that we translate the principles of effective graphic design into the context of film and video production. We use appropriate animation and filming techniques.


Why is 3D Animation Effective?

This form of presentation allows for easier communication and assimilation of information by the recipient. Let's take an example of launching a new product - instead of a few photos and advertising photographs, you can present it to your customers using product animation. Viewed immediately in three dimensions, from each side, with the possibility of rotation, etc., it will enter the consumer's memory faster and will evoke appropriate associations.


What Price for Such Miracles?

3D Animation: Price

Creating moving images is like any other marketing service. It is always better to price them individually. The price of animations depends on several factors: the length of the film, the number of photos needed to make the whole, the final destination of the film, additional activities (sound, post-production, authoring and so forth). When you will tell us about your project then we will give you a reasonable price for sure.


Interactive 3D Animation Services

In our 3D Animation Studio, we also create interactive 3D presentations. Attract customers with modern sales tools, which are applications that move into the world of virtual reality (VR - Virtual Reality). We make interactive 3D animation which is currently the most effective way to present projects or virtual products.



Product animations:

They present the product in a detailed and useful way. 3D product animations are created to present an object more suggestively, given the mechanism of its moving elements. Product animations are usually commissioned by producers, designers or advertising agencies who want to present their product and its functionality, the principle of operation or construction to investors in an understandable and attractive way before putting it into production.


Advertising animations: Advertising:

Animations are an effective and modern form of promotion that is used by both small companies and large corporations. 3D animation appears in advertising spots broadcast on television or the Internet. They are designed to encourage the customer to purchase a given product or use specific services.


Film animations:

Animated 3D effects and special effects are used in movies and computer games. 3D animation allows you to create a non-existent character or any world without moving from a place, without the use of cameras, lights and the involvement of a film crew or actors. If you want to present your product or service using 3D animation techniques - please contact us. We work comprehensively - from the creation of the script, the preparation of storyboards to the production of animation and sound.


Why You Should Choose Us?

Years of work on creating animations and 3D visualizations have made us realize that what we do is our passion. We fulfill it completely, thanks to which our clients can count on products and services of the highest quality. We implement complex projects - 3D Animation of products, characters, scenes, and objects.